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Marks Wild Ride

Apr. 26th, 2013 02:22 pm nyc trip 09

h here are some photos from our recent trip to NYC....

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Apr. 26th, 2013 02:19 pm nyc stuff

HI First meeting is Wed Feb 20th at 630 in Smith Center. Not mandatory, and if you miss it just contact me and Ill get you up to speed with all of the info.
510 659-6298

2008 May 22
THUR 1030pm departure SFO
6:55 +1 am arrival ,
claim your bags and meet at the curb in front of baggage claim, board bus to hotel drop our bags (no room check-in) off to BROADWAY
11 am Broadway Surprise Tour prepaid all
meet New Victory Theatre *****Broadway and 8th
2pm St Paul's Chapel meet at ******** Cortland at Broadway at WTC
tour begins 205pm prepaid all
later shop at Century 21, ****across the street (unpaid)

9:30 PM Fun Cruise around Manhattan prepaid all
meet at Pier 78 ******* West 38th St. at 12th Ave.
SAT May 27
10am go to Times Square to pickup
7 day New York Pass ,Hop on Hop off
pickup at Planet Hollywood ********45th at Broadway
also get Metro passes
7day NYC PASS prepaid list: 24 Hour Hop On Hop Off Pass prepaid list:

8pm Hairspray Neil Simon Theatre *********52nd at 8th
No prepaid list
SUN May 28, 2006
3pm See SPAM A LOT Matinee prepaid all
Shubert Theatre ********46th at 7th
TUE May 30, 2006
8pm See TARZAN! prepaid all
Richard Rodgers Theatre ******8th at 44th
2pm see Odd Couple Matinee
Brooks Atkinson Theatre ********47th at 8th
No prepaid list
8pm see Blu Man Group
Astor Place Theatre ******Layfayette and Broadway to Astor
Prepaid list:
open for exploring
FRI open for museums,the part, and watching the Spiderman 3 filming
SAT off to Queens and the Hamptons...
2:30 pm Meet at Hotel lobby
530 pm depart JFK prepaid
9:19 PM arrive SFO WHEW

WED May , general intro, Review the 10 day schedule, Show information
Lecture: Manhattan, the Worlds greatest City, how it
grew, some fun stories, and how to get around.
Video/Internet clips....This will be an interactive lecture!

WED_ th review general info, will hand out all of your paperwork and review
all information and times.
Lecture: American Theatre and Broadway-how did it get
that way,Video and Internet of New York and its
Colorful Theatrical History

WED 17th Review of travel needs, what NOT to pack,
how to communicate, leave messages, TKTS a fun place to stand in line,
Lecture: NEW YORK CITY, food, museums, tours, famous landmarks
how to see it all...(well almost)

CELL PHONE ?do you pay charge to use you Phone in NYC? do you have free roaming? check now and avoid
very expensive phone use!
CAMERA? think about having a camera, look now dont wait till the last minute to buy one,,,,
,,(CIrcuit City or Best Buy,Costco recommended)
See newest entry at bottom of THIS ENTRY for some cool cheap ways to really enjoy this city, most tours are 1-3 hours long and often only a couple of miles of walking, talking and perhaps noshing (do you know what that word means?) costs are reasonable ranging from $8t o 15 dollars depending on the tour. check out the list of tours!
Find and see places where famous movies were shot, or current TV shows like Law and Order are filming,
also a list of current big budget movies(and which stars)are in town currently filming! See entry at bottom of THIS PAGE!
for your info I just bought my tickets for the matinee (May 31) of Odd Couple, I tried Broadway.com and they had only $120
each seats plus charges, I went to ticketmaster and got mezzanine tickets for $75 each plus charges...shop around!!!!!
Mark will order 15 tickets for the names listed below at noon on Wed April 5th. (to get group rate of $56. each I have to buy one extra which is now up for grabs!) If you are on the list below please send me a check for 56. directly to me at ohlone college 43600 mission blvd fremont ca 94539
Mark is finishing the registration, mostly the folks from out of town, also if you take this class for no credit (VS credit) you save $33 dollars at registration, they will refund also as this class has not "officially " started yet! You can fill out the request form online or I will go for you when I get a list of interested parties. NOTICE: if you need this class for the fine arts requirement, or are continuing to a four year school take it for credit!, it can only help your GPA!
David Letterman and Mr Cohan apparently are not available during out stay,
try tvtics.com por lots of other shows you can see them film...

Conan O'Brien tickets http://www.nbc.com/nbc/Late_Night_with_Conan_O'Brien/tickets/

Dave Letterman tickets http://www.cbs.com/latenight/lateshow/show_info/ls_show_info_get_ticket_online.shtml


*credit students need to see 4 major shows minimum) Off Broadway Shows,reviews acceptable... (and cheaper)
Four papers on the four shows, one paper on the expereince of going to New York, one paper on the New York Theatre Experience and two papers on
other events you attended, museums, world reknown landmarks, walking tours, etc.

you often can buy individual tickets on-line for most shows, even if "sold out"

broadway-GOOGLE Broadway shows on your own

other shows- Mark will be seeing
Wed May 31, 2005 8pm Blue Man Group about 56 per ticket
contact Mark asap if you want to the one extra ticket I have

LINKS_ try these cool sites: http://www.timessquarenyc.org/whats_new/whats_new.html
Frommer's NYC city guide
insider Broadway stories
past and present self guided Broadway audio tour.

Broadway show video/clips/pics

B’Way show video previews: http://www.broadwayworld.com/videos.cfm

Someone’s Top 10 shows to see: http://gonyc.about.com/od/broadwayshows/tp/bway_musical.htm

Big Names from B’Way: http://www.pbs.org/wnet/broadway/stars/index.html

Outside B’Way Times Square: http://images.google.com/images?svnum=10&hl=en&sa=X&oi=spell&resnum=0&ct=result&cd=1&q=times+square+broadway&spell=1

But New York's theatre district is once again a prime tourist attraction, and the theatre remains a key factor in the city's financial well-being. According to the League of Theatre Owners and Producers, Broadway shows currently sell one and a half billion dollars worth of tickets annually. Figure in hotels, restaurants and stores, and it is estimated that theatergoers contribute four and a half billion dollars to the local economy.

However much skeptics may grumble about the future of New York and the viability of commercial theatre, neither one is about to disappear.

Broadway, as the name implies, is a wide avenue in New York City, and is the oldest north-south main thoroughfare in the city, dating to the first New Amsterdam settlement. The name Broadway is an English translation of the Dutch name, Breede weg. The street is famous as the pinnacle of the American theater industry. (Although this article is about the world-known Manhattan avenue, there are other streets called "Broadway" throughout New York City, one each in the boroughs of Brooklyn, Queens, and Staten Island. In addition, there exist short, often isolated stretches of streets that use the name, including East Broadway, West Broadway, and Old Broadway.)

Off-Broadway plays or musicals

Off-Broadway theatres (venues) are those with 100 to 499 seats. The classification of theatres is governed by language in Actors' Equity contracts, rather than by whether the theatre has a Broadway address.

Generally these productions housed in off-Broadway theatres are less expensive, less publicized, less well-known and feature less-famous performers. The smaller scale often allows more experimental, challenging work to be presented. Many groups which produce off-Broadway shows are non-profit rather than commercial producers, meaning they can more easily afford to take chances on plays which might not be commercial hits; however, they still have to ensure enough interest in their plays to have a large enough subscriber base to keep them financially sound. Some commercial productions have found a profitable niche in Off-Broadway venues which allows long runs in their original theatres.

It is not uncommon for shows staged successfully off-Broadway to later have a run on Broadway. For instance, the musicals Avenue Q, Rent, Hair, and Little Shop of Horrors and the plays Doubt and I Am My Own Wife were initially shown in New York off-Broadway. However, some productions may run successfully for several years in off-Broadway venues; examples are Stomp, Blue Man Group, Perfect Crime, Naked Boys Singing. The Fantasticks, the longest-running play in New York theatre history, spent its 40-year run off-Broadway.

Website terror:

*Manhattan is only one of the five boroughs that make
up New York City; the others are the Bronx, Brooklyn,
Queens, and Staten Island.

Greenwich Village - also known as the West Village or
the Village - is more upscale than the East Village
and is the original corner of cool, the closest any
American neighborhood comes to a corner of Paris. This
part of town has been home to artists and writers,
nonconformists, entertainers, intellectuals, and
bohemians since the turn of the 20th century.
Did You Know?
The nation’s largest public Halloween parade is the
Greenwich Village Halloween Parade.
Downtown charm is personified in lots of low-rise
townhouses, thumbnail size gardens, secret courtyards,
and a wacky serpentine layout of streets.

Washington Square Park and the rows of townhouses
around it with charming alleys behind them are all
frozen in time. The park, with its arch famous from
much movie exposure, is the heart of the Village. This
9 ½ -acre park at the foot of Fifth Avenue is an oasis
and circus combined, where skate boarders, jugglers,
stand-up comics, sitters, strollers, sweethearts,
chess players, fortune tellers, and daydreamers
converge and commune.

Washington Mews and Mac Dougal Alley are quiet
cobblestone lanes right off the square. Legendary
streets such as McDougal, Astor Place, and Bleecker
(famous Beat and hippie hangouts) are lined with
super-hip boutiques, delis displaying esoteric beers
from around the globe, and cafes and restaurants of
all stripes.

It makes sense that New York University is in the
Village, an area that has been home to some of the
world's most famous writers and artists including
Henry James, Edith Wharton, Edgar Allan Poe, Mark
Twain, Walt Whitman, Eugene O'Neill, Norman Rockwell,
Jackson Pollock, Mark Rothko, Willem de Kooning, and
Beat writers Jack Kerouac, Allen Ginsberg, and
Lawrence Ferlinghetti.

At night, Greenwich Village comes alive with sounds
from late-night coffeehouses, cafés, experimental
theaters, and music clubs. Bars and restaurants ad
infinitum serve everything from cranberry martinis and
celestial sushi to pita-wrapped shwarma. Searching for
the soul of the Beat generation? At fabled
coffeehouses like Caffe Reggio and Café Figaro, you
can order a double espresso or cappuccino and pretend
for a few minutes that you're Allen Ginsberg, Jack
Keruouac, or William Burroughs.

The Village is home to a large community of gays and
lesbians. Across 7th Avenue is Christopher Street,
site of a historic clash (in front of the Stonewall
bar) in 1969 between city police and gay men, marking
the beginning of the gay rights movement.

Did You Know?
The Panorama of the City of New York in the Queens
Museum of Art is the world’s largest architectural
model, containing 895,000 individual structures at a
scale of 1 inch equals 100 feet.
EVENTS: My Itinerary from http://www.nycvisit.com

Here is something to do each day! And more….

May 25, 2006 | Melting Pot Food Tour
The Enthusiastic Gourmet | Lower East
Side/Chinatown/Little Italy | 646-209-4724
Explore unique food shops and markets and learn about
ethnic flavors and cultures. The Lower East Side is a
vast immigrant community. See how this diverse
neighborhood embraces the new and the old. We visit
Latin, Kosher, Chinese, and Italian markets, sampling
food along the way. Tours are $45 and last 2.5-3
hours. Reservations are required.
Itinerary Day
May 25, 2006 | NY Nosh Food Tour
The Enthusiastic Gourmet | Lower East Side |
Explore Kosher food shops, taste Jewish delicacies,
and learn about ethnic flavors and cultures. From
knishes to bialys, we explore the Jewish Lower East
Side and taste a variety of treats. Most of the places
we visit are family-run and date back to the early
1900's. The tour is $45 and lasts about 2.5 hours.
Reservations are required.
Itinerary Day
May 25, 2006 | Historical Lower Manhattan Walking
New York City Vacation Packages (nycVP) | 1697
Broadway between 53rd & 54th Streets | 570-714-4692
Visit Ground Zero, walk on the floor of the WTC,
stroll world famous Wall St., & explore the historic
sites of downtown with a professionally licensed NYC
sightseeing guide. Fully escorted from a convenient
Times Square location via subway from 9am-noon. Subway
fare & guide gratuity not included. Advance
reservations: $19 adult, $12 child under 12.
Itinerary Day
May 23, 2006 - November 04, 2006 | The Tailor's Art
in the Fashion & Textile History Gallery
Museum at The Fashion Institute of Technology |
Seventh Avenue at 27th St. | 212-217-5800
The second rotation of the Fashion & Textile History
Gallery opens with all new objects that explore The
Tailor's Art -- what tailoring is and how it differs
from other forms of clothing design, such as draping.
Itinerary Day
May 26, 2006 - September 29, 2006 | No Limits, Just
Edges: Jackson Pollock Paintings on Paper
Solomon R. Guggenheim Museum | 1071 Fifth Avenue (at
89th St.), New York, NY | 212-423-3500
Celebrating the 50th anniversary of one of America's
most heroic artists, this exhibition will feature
approximately 60 works on paper. Divided into four
distinct sections, the exhibition features works from
Pollock's earliest sketchbooks (1938–40), his
Surrealist-inspired drawings (1943–47), his renowned
allover abstractions (1947–49), and more.
Itinerary Day
May 26, 2006 | Statue of Liberty Observatory/Ellis
Island Escorted Tour
New York City Vacation Packages (nycVP) | 1697
Broadway between 53rd & 54th Streets | 570-714-4692
Statue of Liberty Museum & Observation Tour (inside)
& Ellis Island Museum. Fully escorted by a
professional NYC sightseeing tour guide via NYC's
famous subway from convenient Times Square area
location from 8am-1pm. Includes Guide, subway, ferry,
& Statue of Liberty Observatory tour. $45 adult, $35
child under 12. RSVP is a must, call 877-NYC-TRIP
Itinerary Day
May 26, 2006 | The Ethnic Apple Bike Tour
Bike The Big Apple | 69th Str & 2nd Avenue |
Bike over the Brooklyn Bridge, thru Polish
Greenpoint, hip Williamsburg and uphip Hasidic
Williamsburg, on "Spiderman's" tram to Roosevelt
Island, and more! Easy paced, family friendly,
licensed guide front and back! 16 miles, 10am-4pm,
bike, helmet, guide included! $68.
Itinerary Day
May 26, 2006 | Dress Like A Diva, Shop Like A
Elegant Tightwad Shopping Excursions | Citywide |
Join Author Pamela Parisi on her fab romps, Tightwad
Treks, to private NYC showrooms, not open to the
public. We also hit hot sample sales and more. Buy
designer duds at wholesale & below. All sizes.
Consignment & accessory tours too. We have scheduled
group tours in addition to private excursions for 3 to
100 people.
Itinerary Day
May 26, 2006 - May 28, 2006 | New York City Hoedown
Sponsor: Big Apple Ranch | Roosevelt Hotel, 45th
/Madison | 212-358-5752
3-day gay & lesbian country-western dance convention:
3 night-time dances, workshops, competition, meetings.
More Fun Than You Can Handle! All Proceeds benefit the
NYC Gay & Lesbian Anti-Violence Project. Visit
Itinerary Day
May 27, 2006 | Chinatown Discovered Food Tour
The Enthusiastic Gourmet | Chinatown | 646-209-4724
We explore Chinese grocery stores, meat and fish
markets, and produce stands. Then, we savor unique
flavors of Asian sweet and savory items. Tours are $45
and last approximately 2.5 hours. Reservations are
Itinerary Day
May 27, 2006 | Flamboyand & Bohemian: Greenwich
Village & How It Became Famous
Joyce Gold History Tours of New York | Washington
Arch, Fifth Avenue below 8th Street. | 212-242-5762
Participants on the tour will learn how the distinct
neighborhoods of the Village came to be — the trendy
East Village, the exclusive Washington Square area and
the more artisan West Village — and will learn about
the landmarking and preservation controversies that go
on to this day. $12
Itinerary Day
May 27, 2006 | The Brooklyn Chic Bike Tour
Bike The Big Apple Bicycle Tours | 69th Str & 2nd
Avenue | 877-865-0078
Ride over the Brooklyn Bridge, through the chic
neighborhoods of Brooklyn Heights, Carroll Gardens and
Park Slope' to the urban treasure of Prospect Park.
Our tours are easy paced, family friendly, on quiet
streets, with a licensed guide front and back! 11
miles, 10am-4pm, including bike, helmet, and guide for
Itinerary Day
May 27, 2006 | Brilliant Walls of Light: Spotlight
on the Chapel Windows
Cathedral of St. John the Divine | 1047 Amsterdam
Avenue | 212-932-7314
Each of the chapels contains a unique style of
stained glass. Come explore beautiful narrative and
geometric windows by English and American firms and
view the memorial to a stained-glass artist. Led by
Cathedral Guide John Simko.
Itinerary Day
May 27, 2006 | A Hip Hop Look At New York
Hush Tours, Inc. | 292 Fifth Avenue (bet. 30th &
31st Streets) | 212-714-3527
Explore three decades of New York City's musical
history. See, hear, and feel the true meaning of the
elements of hip hop where the celebrity pioneers are
your personal tour guides, visit the Graffiti Wall of
Fame, Rucker Park, various historical landmarks in
Manhattan, Harlem and the Bronx. Tour starts at 11am
as seen on VH-1 and MTV.
Itinerary Day
May 27, 2006 | A Hip Hop Look At New York
Hush Tours, Inc. | 292 Fifth Avenue (bet. 30th &
31st Streets) | 212-714-3527
Explore three decades of New York City's musical
history. See, hear, and feel the true meaning of the
elements of hip hop where the celebrity pioneers are
your personal tour guides, visit the Graffiti Wall of
Fame, Rucker Park, various historical landmarks in
Manhattan, Harlem and the Bronx. Tour starts at 11am
as seen on VH-1 and MTV.
Itinerary Day
May 27, 2006 | The Head Doctor
The Sanford Meisner Theater | 164 Eleventh Avenue,
New York, NY 10011 | 510-436-5377
The Punany Poets, Live,on stage at The Sanford
Meisner Theater, Chelsea in an intimate show for
couples, singles and groups. For info, visit
Itinerary Day
May 27, 2006 | Heart of Central Park Guided Walking
New York City Vacation Packages (nycVP) | 1697
Broadway between 53rd & 54th Streets | 570-714-4692
Enjoy Central Park with a professionally licensed &
knowledgeable Sightseeing Guide. See Belvedere Castle,
Delacorte Theater, the Great Lawn, Bethesda Terrace,
Museum Mile – home of Pale Male, movie sets, hidden
places, historic bridges, arches and statues. 8:30 am
for 3 hours, $19 adult, $12 child. Advance
reservations required. Call 877 NYC-TRiP
Itinerary Day
May 28, 2006 | The Lower East Side: A Step Back in
Timeline Touring | East Broadway and Canal |
The Lower East Side comes to life as you step back in
time and learn about life as it was for the immigrants
a century ago. Our licensed guides will show you this
little corner of NYC as only a native New Yorker can.
Walk through century old back streets and experience
the unique way of life found only here in New York
City. 1:30pm-4:30pm, $38.
Itinerary Day
May 28, 2006 | Ampers&nd: Duo Improv
Magnet Theater | 254 W 29th St (btwn 7th & 8th Aves)
| 212-244-8824
In the spirit of Abbott & Costello, Laurel & Hardy,
Burns & Allen, and every other pair of comedians who
became legends when they added "&" to the marquee... A
weekly showcase of New York's most talented comedy
twosomes performing seriously funny, beautifully
tragic improv Sundays at 8pm. For info:
Itinerary Day
May 28, 2006 | The Brooklyn Bridge and Skyline at
Twilight Bike Tour
Bike The Big Apple | W. 3rd Street & 6th Avenue |
The Village, Ground Zero, Tribeca, and the Hudson
River Greenway at daylight, sunset over Manhattan on
the magnificent Brooklyn Bridge, and Soho and Wall
Street at night! Easy paced, family friendly, nite
lites front and back. 10 miles, 4:30-9pm, bike,
helmet, guide included! $55.
Itinerary Day

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Apr. 26th, 2013 02:14 pm h3

Season title
Show title
Show titles
Show order
Intermission music
Pre show music
Costume contest
3 grand illusions
need MC?
Halloween Trilogy
Will need live mics, lots, wired prefered
Here is site for
3d glasses priced?/ordered?
http://store.rainbowsymphonystore.com/an3dglasreda.html about .25 each, nine performances, we need about 3500($900.)
I emailed great america to see if we can get some of their plastic ones…
or http://www.3dglassesonline.com/
or http://www.3dglassesdirect.com (in reseda)
3-D movie preshow???
we could get Beowolf2007 in 3d or creature from the black lagoon 3d, or 3 stooges scary monsters 3d,comin at ya in 3d from , some older films on DVd, some of these use shutter glasses(not the red.cyan .blue glasses) here is site for ordering movies(check with Steve, he might have something in stock
special effects
rights to show

Dates of shows
Thur October 23 8pm Staff/retiree/patron preview(box office can sell for this night as well)
Fri Opening on Oct 24 8pm
Sat Oct 25 perf
Thur Oct 30 8pm and 1045 pm
Fri Oct 31 8pm and 1045pm
Sat Nov 1 8pm and 1045pm
Tue Wed Oct 28,29 10am Matinees

Dates of late night shows(not actually at midnight)
Feed cast/crew between shows
After opening party in nummi?
Student matinees
Backstage off limits?
Tee shirts
Poster Art
Program art
Tickets sales?
Connect with Pirates of Emerson
Story the paper
San Jose Merc
Fremont Bulliten
Tri-City Voice
Special props
Art gallery contacted? email sent
Gallery contents,theme
Gallery dates
We provide stuff for gallery? Lights,props?
Lobby decorations? Fred?and lighting?
Gobo on SC exterior?
Exit music in plaza

Fall 08
Show Order and details:

Gallery, open for viewing at all evening shows(maybe HS shows?)

Preshow music_____
Exterior gobos on building, artwork or scary sculptures??

Distribute 3D glasses to audience upon entry
8pm curtain
preshow introduction

Act One
show 3D movie 15 min max need best projector and great sound, with lots of bass

begin Halloween trilogy(set in place behind screen, or hang /move screen downstage?, roll set downstage?

Do two shows, Kipling,Wilde
Intermission with music, and gallery open concessions to match theme

Act Two
Do Poe Piece
Short break and remove set, roll upstage?, or ?

Introduce the magician/host
Do the three illusions
End evening, spooky music on exit, exterior ot theatre gobos, sounds, effects?

Show notes:
The three scripts will have additional visuals that will enhance the scary parts, ie: man hanging in silhouette, vampire fangs glowing behind scrim, monster rises up behind actors, monster appears in wings, pit, from back of house?
I suggest that the main actors on stage level with the sound persons three feet above them and behind, also with mics(all wired) and a “wall” or such behind them to hide some for the effects, or arches with scrim or openings for effects, see sketches, all of this is just a guess until we decide on floor plan, which I think should be based on the effects we add to each show, and how we can shuffle the shows to make the transitions quickly, , the illusions are all on wheels or wheeled units( I think) so they could actually come down on onto the pit or close to it depending on the requirements of the illusion.

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Apr. 26th, 2013 02:10 pm h3

What a show, from the College President to John Fountain and Possee, they all loved it. We may have not gotten the full houses we were hoping for but they braved the ugly elections and the political stormy weather...wheeeeee what fun!
Thanks to all of you who participated from back of house to front of house, the costumes, sets.lighting and all the things that went bump in the night..
.......thanks so much for making Halloween Trilogy a fun adventure for the cast and the audience, its great to have some new blood in the mix(no pun intended) and hopefully the show will create some new interest in our department and our productions.

Mark Nelson
Nov 1/2008

Contact: Mark Nelson
Halloween Trilogy AUDITIONS
Ohlone College Theatre
43600 Mission Blvd
Fremont, CA 94539
(510) 659-6298
tickets (510) 659-6031

Halloween Trilogy

Ohlone College presents Halloween Trilogy is based on the words of Edgar Allan Poe, Oscar Wilde and Rudyard Kipling. First presented by Leonard Nimoy we have added our usual high tech-staging to create a compilation of thrills and chills, including an 1950’s 3D thriller movie (we provide the glasses), and magical stage illusions . The show performs
in the Jackson Theatre on Oct 23,24,25,30,31,and Nov1 1st at 8pm,
with late night shows on Oct 30, 31 and Nov 1st at 11pm.

Director Mark Nelson is looking for types of actors, magicians, behind the scenes persons especially those interested in Halloween makeup and costume work.

Please call Mark Nelson at 659-6298 for further details.

Cast INFO:


Script breakdown

The Canterville Ghost Oscar Wilde
Virginia narrator
Virginia the younger
Father mature man,caring
Mother mature woman
Washington Virginia’s younger brother,curious
Canterville one liner real estate lawyer
Mrs. Umney the house maid,older, wise
Simon young man/ghost(match to young Virginia)
Angel of Death scary monster!

The Cask of Amontillado Edgar Allen Poe
Montresor narrator ,now an evil man seeks revenge for his family’s demise
Boatman local water taxi driver,
Fortunato the fool, braggart, wino,victim
Caramella local diva, with tramp friends

Mark of the Beast Rudyard Kipling

Hughes narrator, honest and keen Brit
Fleete rude, loud, disrespectful Brit, gets the bug..
Strickland loyal Brit, respectful and fearful
Lang nice guy, opps dead...
Local native beggar, one liner
Priest native priest, honest
Weiss expatraite german doctor,


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Apr. 26th, 2013 02:07 pm tony08


here are some pics, send me yours so I can add them! welcome home, I hoped you watched the apprentice as they were selling hot dogs in Rockefeller Center!

here are the girls at Katz Deli, "I'll have what she is having!!"

page one TITLE PAGE

pages two
December class schedule
NYC itinerary(daily plans on the road)

Professor Mark Nelson, faculty advisor


A. class information
B . details on some of our plans
C. things to do
D. other tours
E. broadway shows sites
F. places to see

put comments or questions here on the blog by hiting "SPEAK",
read comments and my answers by hitting "READ (1)"

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Apr. 26th, 2013 02:00 pm photos

Welcome to Mark E. Nelson's seat of the pants design portfolio. This includes a variety of theatre,trade show and residential projects! Contact Mark at tomarkinsf@yahoo.com

I got to Northern California by working for the Renaissance Pleasure Faire! I designed the front entrance buildings and all of the exterior stages. The second shot is a Commedia del' Arte stage with multi entrances which facilitates the madcap chase scenes

This play Filty Habits was a facre about murder and used two drops I designed.

Red Ryder is a scary and sad tale that takes places in a run down side of the road diner.

Carlotta's Return is a warm and fuzzy story of love and revenge in old Mexico.

The Front Page is a crime story that unfolds in a newroom within a prison set for an execution.

At UCLA these are two of my painting samples, bricks, doorways and shadowing...

I also like doing models, these are two theatrical models, one is a white model and the other is full color .

The Sound of Music, done in an outdoor amphitheatre; partical set of Van Trapps country manor.

This wild set of an Italian comedy was done in the Memphis Style!, 2 shots

This is the model for the outdoor production of Jesus Christ Superstar.

Here is a daytime picture of the whole JC Superstar set and amphitheatre.

This is a shot of a trade show booth I did with a construction site theme, complete with raw iron girders, hardhats and safety barriers.

I renovated this rancher in Fremont , insetting the tv into the wall, vaulting the ceilings and opening the space to achieve "great room" status.

This is the renovated kitchen in the rancer show above . Stainless steel counters, nee tile backspash, open shelving, playful windows and new lighting really made this place happen!

This is a front of house renovation in San Francisco. Built in 1860(not a typo) we added color and greenery to this outwise drab house. Now it stops people on the street!

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Dec. 23rd, 2009 04:54 pm Years end pics

Hello Christmas/Year End Letter is at the bottom of this page!
you can leave comments there as well! Enjoy the pics....

Lounging in Fremont....

I guess they took this after the blowup......

here is a group shot from the Ohlone Open House fall 09

this was a great day watching the Yankees and the Cincinati Reds in May! in the new stadium

enjoying the blue man group in NYC

here are the Ohlone Poker boys

thanks to Jim Klents industry connections I was able to have this cover story!

Bruce drive cabana!, the cat loves to hang out here! me too!

thats Jane checking out a big bear on our trip through Canada!

here is the red mustang back from the paint shop!

Rabbit Hole set, Nummi Theatre, designed by George Ledo

here is the pic of my high school friends in 1968
Jay,Jeff,Me, and RIchard a long time ago.....

same guys 30 years later

here is the gang now, 2009....thats from the left.. Richard, Jay, Jeff, Ray, and Skip

here is Dennis and Fred with Mary at Apple Hill in the snow storm! November!

pic of Mary and me and Bobbi

Bobbi in her cabana

My dear friend, from Sunol to Palm Springs, Fremont to San Francisco she traveled and lead a good life. I miss her a lot already.

Greetings and Happy Holidays-2009
It’s been a great year and I gladly write to all of my friends and family….

Been back living in Fremont for a year and a half, close to work and friends.
Last year ended with the feast of Fred, our traditional evening of food and fun amid Dennis and Fred’s opulent holiday displays and trees, and 6 creatures! I slept in for the New Years enjoying the quiet of Palm Springs.
My spring theatre students and I took in The Room Next Door or the Vibrator Play (yes) and is now on Broadway, a guilty and naughty pleasure. Kite Runner, adaptation of the book that mentions Ohlone in the background of a Fremont Afgan family drama, excellent. LT. of Inishmore, a bloody delight, not unlike the Saw movie series, but live onstage. Kiss Me Kate, George Ledo designed this impressive production at Doug Morrison Theatre (HARD), he later worked with us designing our fall show. BitchDykeFagHag Whore, only in SF, redo of 60s protest piece (and that’s the social redeeming part) lots of nudity and audience lapdances. seriously I danced onstage at one point, with 50 other people…LOL.
It’s been a crazy year with a new hopeful president fighting an old political system, the Michael Jackson saga, and of course the tale of Tiger Woods in the rough (buff).
Invited to Jeff Oc’s annual Kentucky Derby bash, shots of bourbon following a huge spread of traditional racing food and a 2-minute race won by Mine That Bird!
Off to NYC with a fun group including fellow professor,Yvonne Schwartz, a former student of Doug Cattaneo’s of Cal St Hayward (still can’t get used to Cal State-East Bay) as well as Rick Arellano, computer applications professor. I took in a Yankees game with NYU pal Jason and his wife at the very new stadium. Also saw Desire under the Elms, dark/no trees-but pretty steamy, Osage County, met the show’s new lead Phylicia Rashad in her dressing room after the show, both were wonderful, it’s a fun talky, production(now closed). Rock of Ages, hippie driven arena rock story well lead by Constantine (of Amer. Idol).
Off to Palm Springs to be joined by the boys of poker from Ohlone including Tom M, Fred H, Neil M, Jeff Oc, Ron S, and Jim Klent, whose work with me on a scientific study got me on the cover story of Scientist Magazine (see pic on blog!) Thanks Jim! We played poker, golf and had some fun in the sun to kick off a great summer. Fred A. stopped in and we headed to “Lost Wages” to catch the Chris Angel’s Believe, good. Some gambling,and shots finished the trip.
In June I worked on Bruce Drive and built a cabana with help from Fred (structure), Mary (furniture) and me (labor on the new deck).
July 7-15 I traveled with Jane to Toronto and then a 4 day cross Canadian train excursion, saw bears, trees and the snow capped Rockies all the way to Vancouver, did I say we saw trees? Gourmet food , nice sleeping compartments made for an enjoyable time to share with Mom.
Caught our summer production of Sweet Charity with a stylin’ set by Fred A. and some good lighting by Matt O., who now is in his second year at the college.
…continued to work on the 68 Mustang Coupe, getting it ready for paint, spending a lot of time on Craigslist locating some upgraded parts, tinkering…
July 25 - Fay Dishongs 90th birthday at the Sunol clubhouse with the whole gang including Joan, Barb, Jordan and Sue, and many more neighbors and family.
Took an Online class in WebCT (an online class management system, cms.) prepping for my first full online Theatre of Today class to be offered this fall.
Off to hot Palm Springs with Mary and Bobbi, met up with Ray Schmickle from my high school days.
This years movies…UP, by far the most charming movie of the year, Angels and Demons, good (reading the Lost Symbol now), Star Trek, fun and nostalgic for those of us who really remember the Vulcan mind melt, Transformers 2, twister for machines, X-Men 3, well done. District 9,creppy fun and ready for the sequel.
This fall my theatre students (Thur/Fri) took in Brief Encounter, stylish visual effects telling a romantic comedy, Green Day/Berkeley Rep’s American Idiot, a brilliant production done up by the Springs Awakening team that’s surely Broadway bound, don’t call me shirley!. Yellowface (insider story, good but confusing), Simon’s 1960’s Gingerbread Lady (boozy downhill ride), Sullivan and Gilbert (clever tribute to the odd duo), See How They Run BroadwayWest’s farce was a class favorite. Plaid Tidings (clever sequel, nicely wrapped)
This year also brought some nice times spent with colleagues Jon Degallier (retiring this Dec, boohoo!), Denise Owens, head of the Interior Design Program,(who keeps me in stitches!) and Brenda Ahntholz , nearly a Phd and a close fellow Iowian, well kinda.. Also fun times with my neighbors the Netos, former roommate and his new handsome pal, Ray M. and Steve, and David Young, always a kick!
The mustang is back from the shop, red with black Shelby stripes, loud and cool. I drove the car to Todd Siebert’s house in San Jose for the unveiling of his new Tiki Lounge and backyard bar/birthday party, saw a lot of familiar faces and met his new wife.
The fall Department’s production of Rabbit Hole, in the Nummi theatre ,this intimate setting designed by George Ledo was very well received, I worked on set and props for this realistic interior. Dual casts over three weeks held up their end nicely,.
Met up with my 5 best friends from high school in Palm Springs (Ray, Jay, Jeff, Rich and Skip) after beginning the idea of a reunion with Ray S. We rejoined, ate, drank, played poker and swam the entire weekend and tried to catch up on some 30 years of history. We have all since kept in touch and continue reminiscing and sharing online. The meeting was the highlight of the year and a blessing we all made it this far.
Turned down a golden handshake offered by Ohlone to senior staff and faculty, many took it leaving in June. Budget woes at the college have hit very hard, cutting the Summerfest completely for summer 2010, my year to direct Mama Mia? Who knew? I’m afraid the arts will wither at the community college level, as is our case…
Mary, Fred and Dennis and I went to Apple Hill with the Alim tribe for a lot of fun as a snow blizzard ensued! We had a real snowball fight! The day before I was in Sebastopol picking olives in the hot sun with Gary Kauf (Ohlone TV chair) and a huge group of his friends
Uncovered a lead on an 68 Mustang convertible, now its safely under wraps in Sunol for a my summer project car.
Christmas parties with Paula and Mary of Broadway West, Tiki Christmas with Natalie, and the Mustang Clubs annual bash.
Mary and I will go to Monterey to celebrate Christmas with Mom, Curt, Margaret, Beth, Chris and all the kids after our annual night at Fred and Dennis’ house once again.
I close on a sad note , , Bobbicat did not make it to Christmas this year, after 20 some fun years together , traveling with me all over the state, finding her favorite spots in the various houses she and I have shared she just simply wore out and slipped peacefully into cat heaven, joining her friends Buster, Howard and The Manager. I miss her dearly…..

Have a great holiday season and make the next year be one of hope and prosperity!
Love, Mark Christmas 2009

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May. 21st, 2009 12:09 am off to New York City

Im off to the big city! may 21-May 31 with a fun group of students and friends

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Dec. 26th, 2008 12:29 pm Fall Show a fun Success

a total blast including two phantom of the operas pounding away on their upper balcony perches to the tunes ofl Bohemian Rhapsody, Stairway to Heaven and Don't you want to hurt me,(Thanks Fred for the fun music) and also dueling banjos(organs in this case) From the Deliverance movie., also a madman magician who gets murdered by his assistants, and cool illusions, the worlds fastest woman! and three gory tales complete with a man eating a cat onstage...spooky

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Oct. 1st, 2008 12:46 am

fall show poster

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